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About Barrons Building Services


Barron’s Building Services was founded in 2014 by owner Nick Barron.

Barron’s Building Services was created at a point in time where Nick felt he had gained enough experience and knowledge of the industry, to provide a complete building service which provides its clients with a high end result. Nick grew up in Minchinhampton near Stroud, therefore understands and has grown to love the local architecture, however he has not let this tie him to a single style of building. With such a wide variety of skills, Nick has been able to offer his services to a number of highly respected construction companies, architects and garden designers. Nick has learned his trade by working along side some of the most renowned and talented craftsmen allowing him to develop and provide such a bespoke high quality service.

Every piece of work undertaken by Barron’s Building Services is completed to the highest level of quality and in a timely manor, whilst offering a service which caters to suit the needs of each individual client. Every client has an idea of how they would like a tradesman to complete the work they have commissioned, some like to be kept informed at each stage, and some would prefer to take a back seat and simply inspect the fantastic work when it is completed. Nick has the ability to tailor the service he provides from client to client whilst maintaining a fully professional service.

As some larger scale projects may require additional workforce, Nick has handpicked a number of independent craftsmen that meet his very high standard of work and professionalism. With a strong team available to work as part of Barron’s Building Services, and variation of skills using old and new building techniques, Nick feels it is important to offer nationwide availability.

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